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Hermanus Web is a Web Design and Hosting Company based in Hermanus. We create a fresh and digital look for your company that is ranked well in Google – People will find you!

Website Design and Hosting all over South Africa

Hermanus Webs host and creates websites all over South Africa – We are just based in Hermanus

We have two categories that you can choose from being eCommerce or a Standard Website.

Affordable Website Design in Hermanus
Affordable Website Design in Hermanus

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Standard Website

With a standard website you tell your potential clients about your services and business. You get a contact page, an about page and product page with an gallery if required. This is not limited and you can add your own pages as your business grow.

What do you get with a Standard Website?

We do the design and setup but please be advised that we do not do artwork or banner creation as this is a different category. We however can use images that you send to us that we can use for logo’s and banners etc.

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What we do

  • We register the domain name on your behalf Example (www.mydomain.co.za)
  • We Index your website to Google and Submit it to Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • We optimize your Website so that you are searchable in Google and other search Engines
  • We install the plugins required for your business or organization

Including in the Standard Website

A fully operational Website and a Very User Friendly Dashboard where you can:

  • Check Your Visitor Stats
  • Write new Post’s about your business
  • Add your own images instead of waiting for your developer to add them for you
  • Send an email to all your subscribers with one click
  • Add your own Pages (As many as you need)

eCommerce Website

What is an eCommerce Website

An eCommerce website is an online shop. You can sell your products directly on the internet and give your clients the option to collect the product at your store or get the items shipped to the given address.

eCommerce is trending and a very popular way of selling books, toys, tools or any other product that is shippable in South Africa.

How do I get my Money with an eCommerce Website?

We create an Payment Gateway on your website. People pay you for the product including the shipping cost before you pack and send the item via eft of payment gateway of your choice.

Ways you can ship or post products in Hermanus

You can ship your products via Postnet Hermanus, Post Office Hermanus or Aramex. Shipping usually takes around 2 to 3 working days and the standard rate is around R100 per 5 kg.

Once you have send us the details and images your website will be live in 24 to 48 hours

Hermanus Web Design and Hosting
Hermanus Web Designers eCommerce Website

What you get with an eCommerce Website

The general rule of an eCommerce is to have an Contact Page and a Service or Description page. The main feature of an eCommerce site is your Online Shop.

You get an Fully Operational Shop including the following:

Dashboard where you can:

  • Upload Products with Images
  • Have Specials and Create Coupons
  • Send emails to subscribers and inform them about specials
  • See your Stats
  • Check your orders and invoices
  • Create variant products example – small, large extra large or colours etc. and much more.

For more information please contact us or call 078 468 4794

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